Smelly Penis: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and how to treat them

males do not like to talk about this smelly penis however, these issues are faced by various men. The causes of such a concern may be many reasons. In most cases, regular cleaning of the penis might help to minimize the odor.

However, in some conditions, it can change to some foul smell which becomes uncomfortable. There are various home remedies to cure such problems, but there can be various other major concerns that lead to such a situation: 

We will be sharing some important points related to such issues in this article. 

Let’s dive into it. 


You might be hearing this for the first time. This is a collection or accumulation of dead skin cells along with some natural oils to keep the penis moist. A layer to smegma is created if not taken proper care of the penis. You need to clean it regularly to avoid a thick layer of smegma residing on your penis which can create a foul smell.

It is created mostly on the outer layer of the penis as well as around the head area. Apart from bad smell smegma can cause various other issues which include irritation, difficulty moving of penis while erection and of course increase the risk of bacterial infection. 


This is a skin irritation on the penis which can cause bad smell and requires a fair treatment. The major causes of balanitis include poor hygiene, various skin diseases, infection and allergic reactions. In case, you are suspected with balanitis, you need to visit a doctor for possible treatment. 

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases commonly known as STI can also be one major cause of smelly penis. Various symptoms include white discharge, pain while urinating, testicle pain or inflammation in foreskin or upper skin of penis. The two major STI diseases are chlamydia and gonorrhea. In case you are suspected with STI, you need an immediate medical attention to refrain from getting the situation complicated. 

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Non-gonococcal urethritis

Non-gonococcal urethritis commonly referred as NGU is irritation of the urethra, which is the cylinder associating the tip of the penis to the bladder. By and large, aggravation of the urethra is because of a STI, for example, chlamydia. Notwithstanding, in instances of NGU, the reason for the growing is obscure. The indications of NGU may include: white discharge from penis, urge to urinate, painful urination, irritation or soreness of penis tip. 

Yeast Infection: 

This kind of infection is quite common when it comes to delicate areas of the body. The yeast or the fungal infection occurs when the Candida fungus is present in higher amount on the penis.

There are other yeast infections which also cause penis infections. Such an infection can also be the cause of foul smell from penis. Symptoms include itching sensation, redness, white layer on penis, too much moisture on penis. 

Urinary Tract Infection 

Commonly known as UTI is also one of the common causes of the smelly penis. It occurs when bacteria and fungus enter the urinary tract. Its main symptoms include pink or cloudy urine, burning sensation while urinating, and urge to pee frequently. 

1. Enlarged prostate

2. Kidney stones

3. Diabetes

If diagnosed, it required immediate attention as if remain unattended can cause serious issues. Cure it before it spreads to worst. 

How to take care of smelly penis from such concerns: 

Practising a proper cleanliness ritual can help evade contaminations and diminish any smell coming from the penis. It is basic to wash the private parts in any event once per day with a delicate chemical and warm water. In the wake of cleaning the penis, an individual should ensure the territory is totally dry prior to getting into dress. 

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Notwithstanding every day washing, an individual ought to consider finding a way to keep the penis smell free. These means include: cleaning the penis subsequent to taking part in sexual movement, wearing baggy, breathable apparel, utilizing obstruction security, for example, condoms, during sexual movement, keeping away from sexual action when either accomplice has a STI or other disease and cleaning under the prepuce if uncircumcised. 

Various home remedies and treatments: 

Before treating a smelly penis, the cause is required to be known as without knowing the cause treatment can be dangerous. In the event that an absence of right cleanliness is an issue, an individual can delicately wash their penis all the more consistently with warm water.

It is ideal to evade vigorously scented items on the private parts, as they can disturb the skin and increment an individual’s danger of diseases. Individuals ought to likewise abstain from utilizing cologne, scented cream, or different fragrances straightforwardly on the penis.

On the off chance that an individual speculates they have contamination, they should see a specialist for a determination and treatment. Treatment may incorporate anti-toxins, antifungal medicine, or different prescriptions.

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