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Why use Xtra Night for better sex life, Pure Natural Ingredients

Xtra Night is one of the trusted, reliable and popular medicines for men. it has recorded the ultimate selling record. It has the quality of natural ingredients, chemical-free and as .it is a combination of natural herbs.it has been infused with the formulation to stimulate testosterone production and surely funnel your sexual relationship. Xtra Night penis long and strong medicine upgrade your muscle, boost libido, improve erection quality, raise your stamina level, and give you a delightful experience, Xtra Night medicine really helpful to make your relationship blossom, it’s the most trusted sex enhancement product in India. Xtra Night penis enlargement medicine will make you happy and stress less, it will improve your penis size,improve virility, stronger erection, it will increase blood circulation in your penis. All specific guidance suggests the use of Xtra Night ayurvedic medicine is natural and chemical-free.

tablets to increase sex time
tablets to increase sex time

Ashwagandha /Indian Ginseng

Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng all over the world is one of the most popular male enhancement herbs. About 22% bulk of our Xtra Night Contains the ashwagandha. It’s an ancient rejuvenation herb of India that has been used for many centuries but recently it’s particularly used for male wellness including increasing penis size. Ashwagandha improves the circulation of the human body that increases your erection quality & helps you to last longer in the bedroom has been revealed in scientific studies. It increases men sex interest By boosting men sexual strength, improving sex libido, increasing blood flow to penile, balancing hormonal level & many more sexual benefits.


Around 16% bulk of Xtra Night ayurvedic medicine for increasing penis size contains Shatavari. This excellent natural aphrodisiacs for men especially maintain Vata and pitta Doshas in men that are caused by sex. Shatavari is a rejuvenating tonic for men reproductivity that provides numerous sceintifically proven benefits such as boosts healthy sperm count, prevent erectile dysfunction, increase reproductive flowing, cure men sexual dysfunction, reduces men’s sex organ inflammation etc, Other astonishing health benefits on men’s human body functions are support & nourishes the human brain, promote vital fluid especially sperm count & semen, restore your respiratory system & many more health benefits. These all the astonishing health benefits of Shatavari attracted our experts adding such wonderful extracts in our natural penis enlargement ayurvedic medicine.

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tablet for sex time increase

Salab misri

salab misri is natural rejuvenation herbs used in herbal sex power medicine for men such as Xtra Night. Around 9% bulk of Our Xtra Large sex power medicine for men contain salab misri. The powder of salab misri is especially used for instantly boosting sex libido & sexual stamina in men. salab misri for treating impotence is the best natural herbs which increase the amount of blood to the blood vessels of the penis. The most popular advantageous effects of Salab Mishri is its Anti pre ejaculating properties that helps to attain the delayed ejaculation which improves your sexual duration & self-esteem. It also improves more nourishment to the men’s genitals results in more sperm count & improving impotency & quality of sperm. Therefore, XTRA NIGHT The penis enlargement medicine in India contains such miraculous highly potent herb with certain health benefits particularly preventing premature ejaculation with zero side effects.


Cinnamon (Cinnamomum Verum ) is natural aphrodisiac & highly potent used for flavouring in sweets & salty dishes for thousands of years. This medicinal natural aphrodisiac is a powerful herb that is added in order to maintain overall men sexual health. Xtra Night contains About 14% bulk of cinnamon without astonishing health benefits. Such wonderful natural herbs look similar to other natural herbs but you must be astonished knowing the sexual benefits of this medicinal natural medicine which makes it different from other ayurvedic herbs. Since these herbs can give an instant boost in your sexual stamina. People with a high level of sugar in their body which may cause erectile dysfunction, low sex libido & lower level of sperm count etc. Cinnamon lower your high sugar level and prevent such sexual dysfunctions.

sex timing tablets
sex timing tablets


Shilajit is a natural medicinal aphrodisiac herb which has been used for thousands of years in ayurvedic sex power medicine. Around 16% bulk of our herbal penis enlargement tablets rich in Shilajit. The main health benefits of Shilajit helps to prevent impotence that instantly improves your sex drive. It’s a sticky substance that is found in rock of the great Himalaya. Shilajeet has been proven a very well known sex tonic for both men and women. Shilajit improves an erection, treats urinary infections, delays ejaculation and boosts immunity. There are numerous popular preparations of this natural aphrodisiac herbs in the market but it was found to effective better if taken with the combination of other aphrodisiac herbs. Shilajit helps to prevent any sexual dysfunction in men which inspired our experts to add natural rejuvenation herb in our men enlargement pills.

Safed Musli

Safed Musli also known as Chlorophytum Borivillanum, is a traditional natural rejuvenation herb used in Ayurveda, Unani & Siddha)as an aphrodisiac (medicines that improve sexual function) and adaptogen. About 12% bulk of Xtra night penis enlargement medicines contain chlorophytum borivilianum. The usefulness of Cholophytum borivillanum and its effect on testosterone and semen in adult males has been evaluated through various clinical trials including this. there are several studies suggesting that it helps in getting an erection. Chlorophytum borivillanum/ Safed Musli also improves sperm count, increases testosterone levels, increases testicular size and libido. It is one of the most preferred natural herbs used in all kinds of herbal aphrodisiac ayurvedic drugs due to its highly effective yet safe nature.

capsule for long time sex
capsule for long time sex


Gokshura commonly known as Tribulus Terrestris, is one of the most popular natural rejuvenation herbs that helps Gokshura is an herbaceous tap rooted plant which grows in colder climates particularly in summer. Generally 11% volume of herbal male enhancement capsules contains tribulus Terrestris. It increases the secretion of men sex hormone such as testosterone & estrogen in men, increases male fertility to maintain reproductive health with pleasurable sex. It also increases blood flow which improves your erection function and increases human penis. Apart from this, Gokshura is commonly used for bodybuilding, curing cardiac problems, Treat skin ailment, improve brain function, prevent prostate gland disorder and many more health benefits.

Benefits Of All Ingredients


ayurvedic penis enlargement pills
ayurvedic penis enlargement pills
Just look at the benefits of using The Xtra Night best penis enlargement pills in india……!

Xtra Night male enhancement pills in india have become the best male enlargement pills in india that not only increase your penis size but also maintain overall sexual health with advantageous impacts on human body functions. Here are certain benefits of using Ayurvedic male enhancement pills in india:-

It’s mainly produced to increase penis size for life long. The natural ingredients dilates blood vessels by increasing amount of Nitric Oxide that improves blood flow & results increase in both length and girth of penile for life long. You may experience desirable results gradually but long lasting with no negative impacts. After getting enlarged your penile using our best male enlargement pills maintain overall sex life & relationship with your partner as well.

Most Trusted Brand Xtranight

The Benifits of Xtranight in sex life doctor in multiple Issue. These include:

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Increase your penis size for lifelong…!

It’s mainly produced to increase penis size for life long. The natural ingredients dilates blood vessels by increasing amount of Nitric Oxide that improves blood flow & results increase in both length and girth of penile for life long. You may experience desirable results gradually but long lasting with no negative impacts. After getting enlarged your penile using our best male enlargement pills maintain overall sex life & relationship with your partner as well.

Helps in getting rid of impotency…….!

Xtra night also works as ayurvedic cure for erectile dysfunction with its anti erectile dysfunction properties. Yes you heard right Guys!
The herbs used in this herbal sex power medicine for men effects on the root cause of Male sexual dysfunction especially in impotence which helps men getting rid of impotency. Using this ayurvedic medicine for penis enlargement can significantly prevent your impotence have been experienced by our thousands of satisfying customers,

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Be Last longer in the bedroom…..!

Perform long-lasting sex with the enhanced self esteem & intercourses using our herbal male enhancement tablets. The highly potent components of our herbal enlargement pills for men improve duration of sex with last longer strength.

Natural cure for Premature Ejaculation…!

Our completely ayurvedic medicine for sex The Xtra Night can give you the permanent cure for premature ejaculation with no negative impacts, Unlike other temporary men sex tablets, our ayurvedic penis enlargement medicine have prevented thousands of men all over the world. Premature ejaculation for better sexual performance without any side effects helps to maintain overall premature ejaculation without any negative impacts on human body functions that helpful in maintaining overall health

male enhancement tablets
best sex pills in India male enhancement products

Improve erection with its pro erectogenic properties…!

Xtra Night male enlargement pills for men improve an erection with its pro erectogenic properties by improving blood flow to penile. Blood flow to penile vessels help to boost erection with its natural components helpful in maintaining a long lasting erections with enhanced self esteem,

Contains Natural extracts for overall improvement in sex life….!

The natural extracts for overall health are added after a few years of research and practical experience. These rare founded rejuvenation herbs improve overall health with certain sexual advantages. It is the major reason behind its effective nature!
The ingredients define about the nature of products and its effects on human body Therefore, only Herbal rejuvenating herbs are chosen in ayurvedic penis enlargement pills.

best sex pills in India male enhancement products
best sex pills in India male enhancement products

Maintain reproductive health…!

Ayurveda provides you a large variety of minerals and supplements that increase spermatogenesis that improve fertility and reproductive health. It not only maintains your reproductive health but also enhance fertility. If you want to improve fertility with Xtra NIght ayurvedic medicine for men consult with our physicians.

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